The Pruitt Lab in the Center for BioEngineering at UCSB works on custom measurements and analysis systems for small scale metrologies including custom probes, sensors and actuators for biomechanics and mechanotransduction assays. We study the mechanics and biology of the sense of touch in C. elegans, the mechanisms and forces of cell adhesion, and the development and response of stem cells and cardiac myocytes to mechanical loading. We design and fabricate most of our own tools and sensors and are interested in the reliable manufacture and operation of micromachined sensors and actuators in harsh environments, measuring nanoscale mechanical behavior, and the analysis, design, and control of integrated electro-mechanical systems. Along with the UCSB Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering we are building a biobank of fluorescently tagged human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells initially created by the Allen Institute for Cell Science. We leverage new tools and answer novel questions in our lab in the areas of physiology, biology, stem cells, neuroscience and cardiology with an eye toward quantitative and fundamental biophysics.