Beth L. Pruitt

Professor and Chair of Biological Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, BioMolecular Science and Engineering, and (by courtesy) Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Email: blp@ucsb.edu

Lab Manager

PhD Students

Orlando Chirikian

My research focuses include genome engineering, tissue engineering and disease modeling utilizing induced pluripotent stem cell (IPSC) technology.
Email: Ochirikian@ucsb.edu

Liam Dow

PhD candidate in the Biomolecular Science and Engineering program
Email: ldow@ucsb.edu

Kerry Lane

PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
Email: klane@engineering.ucsb.edu

Miguel Sanchez-Lozano

PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering
Email: msanchezlozano@ucsb.edu

Gabriela Villalpando Torres

PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
Email: gvillalpandotorres@ucsb.edu

Rotation Students/Visiting Researchers

Astrid Olivefors

Visiting PhD student from Uppsala University, Sweden 2023 spring semester.
Email: astrid_olivefors@ucsb.edu

Visiting Professor

Maria Tenje

Visiting Professor from Uppsala University, Sweden 22-23 academic year.

Email: marte323@ucsb.edu