PhD Students

Seth Cordts
Ph.D. Student in Mechanical Engineering, admitted Autumn 2017

Graduate Research and Rotation Projects

Yofiel Wyle
Graduate Rotation, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Erik Hopkins
Graduate Rotation, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Lourdes Velazquez
Graduate Rotation, Biomolecular Science and Engineering

Olivia Konttinen
Graduate Rotation, Biomolecular Science and Engineering

Danahe Zeyna Mohammed
Graduate, Mechanical Engineering

Lab Alumni: Former PhD Students

Kristina Lamers
PhD: Components of an Improved Design Process for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Defended June 13, 2008
signatures August'08
Current Affiliation: Akustika (Bosch) Inc.

A. Alvin Barlian
PhD: Microfabricated Piezoresistive Shear Stress Sensors for Underwater Applications
Defended June 12, 2008
signatures December 2008
Current Affiliation: Apple

Vikram Mukundan
PhD: Electrostatic Actuators in Aqueous Ionic Media for Applications in Cell Mechanics
Defended Feb 17, 2009
signatures April 2009
Current Affiliation: FormFactor

Sung-Jin Park
PhD: Development of Piezoresistive Microcantilever Based Force Feedback System for Analysis of Mechanosensation in Caenorhabditis elegans Nematodes
Defended Mar 16, 2009
signatures June 2009
Current Affiliation: Disease Biophysics Lab, Harvard

Nahid Harjee
PhD: Coaxial-Tip Piezoresistive Cantilever Probes for High-Resolution Scanning Gate Microscopy
Defended May 23, 2011
signatures Aug 2011
Current Affiliation: Kateeva, Inc

Joey Doll
PhD: Advances in high bandwidth nanomechanical force sensors with integrated actuation
Defended March 7, 2012
signatures Jul 2012
Current Affiliation: Apple, Inc

Bryan Petzold
The Role of Body Mechanics in Touch Sensation in the Nematode Caenorhabditis Elegans
Defended November 7, 2012
signatures Jan 2013
Current Affiliation: McKinsey & Co.

Rebecca Taylor
Microfabricated Tools for Functional Assessment of Developing Cardiomyocytes
Defended November 8, 2012
signatures Mar 2013Stanford Biochemistry postdoc, Assistant Prof CMU 9/16

Chelsey SimmonsDynamic Cell Culture for Stimulation and Assessment of Cardiovascular Cells 
Defended January 25, 2013
signatures May 2013
Current Affiliation: Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida

Gadryn Higgs
Microsystems for Studying Single Heart Cell Mecahnobiology 
Defended May, 28, 2013
signatures August 2013
Current Affiliation: CAN Mobilities

Joseph Rastegar
Nanomechanical actuation using molecular forces of amino azo benzene dye 
Defended May 14, 2013
signatures March 2014
Current Affiliation: PowerGlide

Joo Yong Sim
Microsystems to Study the Mechanobiology of Cell Adhesion 
Defended October 30, 2014
signatures December 2014
Current Affiliation: South Korea National Lab

Clifton Roozeboom
Multifunctional Integrated Sensors for Wireless Sensor Network Applications 
Defended April 30, 2015 
signatures August 2015
Current Affiliation: Myriad Sensors, Inc. Founder

Ehsan Sadeghipour
A MEMS Actuator and Sensor for the Study of Cell Mechanics and Adhesion 
Defended September 17, 2015 
signatures March 2016
Current Affiliation: Stanford University Post-doc

Eileen Mazzochette
An Integrated and Automated System for Assaying Touch Sensation in Freely Moving C. elegans 
Defended March 21, 2016 
signatures May 2016
Current Affiliation: Haptic Hardware Engineer, Apple Inc.

Lab Alumni: Postdoc

James Norman
Mechanical measurements of primary heart cells in health and disease
joint with Prof. Dan Bernstein in Pediatrics
Jan 2007-Feb 2009
Current Affiliation: Warner Babcock Institute

Keekyoung Kim
Biomechanical Characterization of Cardiomyocytes 
joint with Prof. Dan Bernstein in Pediatrics
Jan 2009- July 2010
Current Affiliation: UBC Okanagan

Moe Badi
ME342 project development
Current Affiliation: BCG

Ginel Hill
Ultrasmall Cantilevers for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
Ginel's Work 
Jan 2009-Dec 2010
Current Affiliation: SITime, Sunnyvale, CA

Sung-Jin Park
Understanding the Sense of Touch 
Sung-Jin's work 
July 2009-Dec 2010
Current Affiliation: Disease Biophysics Group 
Harvard University

Yingning Gao
Chemical Functionalization of Sensors 
Yingning's work 
Aug 2010-Aug 2011
Current Affiliation: CalState Los Angeles

Nicolas Borghi
Mechanics of cell adhesion
Current Affiliation: Institut Jacques Monod 
Paris, France

Cindy Chung
3D Culture of Cells under Strain in Custom Biomaterials
Current Affiliation: Theranos, Inc

Wendy Altman
Microsystems and Methodologies for the Study of Cardiomyocyte Mechanotransduction
Current Affiliation: Self

Jens Moeller
Platform Development to Study the Cellular Mechanics of Leukocyte Transmigration
Current Affiliation: group head, ETH Zurich

Tom Larsen
High Bandwidth Nanomechanical Force Sensors for Studying the Sense of Hearing
Current Affiliation: postdoc, EPFL

Frederic Loizeau
Piezoresistive Micro Probes for Fluorescence-Based Mechanobiology Studies
Current Affiliation: Key Account Manager, Senserion

Mahdokht Masaeli
Microfluidics for Size-based Sorting of Cardiomyocytes
Current Affiliation: Co Founder, DeepCell, Inc.

Anna A. Kim

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mechanical Engineering
Swedish Research Council International Postdoc
Joint with the O'Brien lab at Stanford University (


Lab Alumni Senior Researchers

Yair Kaufman
Using Atomic Force Microscopy of Neurons to study Traumatic Brain Injury
Self-Actuated and Self-Sensing Microcantilevers for Expanded Atomic Force Microscopy Applications

Master Project Students

Edwin Adhiprakasha
MS Thesis Materials Science, MSMSE'04 
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Consisting of Gold
Nanoparticles in SU-8 Polymer Matrix
Tenure: Aut'03 - Spr'04

Frederic Declercq
EPFL MS Project 
SU-8 optical MEMS blood pressure sensor
Tenure: Aut'04 - Win'05

Alexandre Haemmerli
EPFL MS Project 
Piezoresistive cantilever noise in media
Tenure: Summer-Fall 2008

Philipp Bachtold
ETH Zurich MS Project 
Improved continuous perfusion microfluidic cell culture array
Tenure: Winter-Spring 2009

Jonas Schoendube
ETH Zurich MS Project 
Microfluidic Cell Delivery System
Tenure: 2009-2010

Andrea Cabral
EPFL MS Project 
Fabrication & Characterization of a stretchable chip for the study of cells
Tenure: 2010

In loving memory: Rune Nielsen
DTU MS Project
Tenure: March 2010 - Dec 18, 2010

Matthias Rudt
ETH Zurich MS Project
Cardiomyocyte Cell Mechanics
Tenure: 2012

Olivier Schwab
ETH Zurich MS Project
High-Throughput Multi-Method Analysis of Cardiomyocyte Mechanics for Disease Studies
Tenure:  2014

Florian Bienefelt
EPFL MS Project
Microfabricated confinement system for improving touch assays on C. elegans
Tenure: 2016

Joan Teixidor
EPFL MS Project
Design and optimization of stretchable live cell platform for in vitro gut model
Tenure: 2016

Lynn Lin
National Cheng Kung University MS Project
Design and fabrication of microfluidic inertial cell separation technologies
Tenure: 2016

Joshua Dolinsky
Investigating protein-hydrogel interactions and effects of charge on polyacrylamide properties.
Tenure: 2020-2021

Lab Alumni: Affiliated for Graduate, Undergraduate, RET, REU, or HS Research Projects
Graduate Research and Rotation Projects

Paritosh Ambekar
Tenure: Win'03-Spring04

Sara Shaughnessy
MS rotation, MSME'04 
silicon MEMS blood pressure sensors
Tenure: Win'04 - Sum'04

Vanessa "B" Chial
MS rotation, MSME'05 
sensors for neonatal mice monitoring
Tenure: Sum'04 - Spr'05

Andrew Davenport
MS Research, MSME'05 
Noise in Piezoresistors
Tenure: Aut'03 - Spr'05

Sara (Yanan) Zhao
MEMS for CHO cell characterization
Tenure: Win'04 - Fall'05

Matt Beasley
MS Research, MSEE'06 -
Characteristics of Parylene Coatings for CMUTs in a Harsh, Aqueous Environment
and Instrumentation for NeoNatal Mice
Tenure: Aut'04 - Spr'06

Jessica Straalsund
MS Research, MSME'06 
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Consisting of Gold Nanoparticles in SU-8
Polymer Matrix
Tenure: Win'05-Spr'06

Amy Lee
ME342 TA
Tenure: Win'05 - Sum'05

Jennifer Blundo
graduate research 
Electromechanical Studies of Differentiation in Cardiac Stem Cells
Tenure: 2005-2008

Heather Chiamori
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Consisting of Gold Nanoparticles in SU-8 Polymer Matrix
Tenure: Sum'05-Win'06

Paul Lim
EE PhD student w/ Prof. Jim Harris 
Noise in Piezoresistors
Tenure: Sum'05 - Sum'06

Asha-Dee Celestine
MS Rotation, MS AeroAstro'07 
modeling TRN mechanics
Tenure: Aut'06

Sujay Ramachandra
MS Rotation, MSME'07 
Tenure: Sum'06

Holly Butterfield
MS Rotation 
electrostatic aqueous transducers
Tenure: summer 2007- spring 2008

Anthony Pettes
MS, ME 2007 
Thermotaxis of Caenorhabditis elegans AFD Thermosensory Neurons
Tenure: Spring'07-Summer'07

Sarah Coulthard
MS Research, MSME'06 
Microfabricated Force Posts for Characterizing C. Elegans
Tenure: Sum'05-Sum'06

Gretchen Chua
MS Rotation, MSME 2007 
Electromechanical conditioning of stem cells
Tenure: Sum'06-Win'07

Jeff Li
Coterm Research, MSME 2007 
Shear sensor calibration and AFM of cells
Tenure: Sum'05-Win'07

Niveditha Arumugam
MS ME 2008 
Electrical Stimulation of Cardiac Stem Cells
Tenure: 2007-2008

Tracy Fung
MS EE 2008 
Piezoresistive Cantilever Chemical Sensors
Tenure: 2007-2008

Yun Seog Lee
MS, ME 2007 
PZT cantilever intergrated with piezoresistor sensor]
Tenure: Fall'06-Summer'07

Shivonne Haniff
Masters Rotation 
MEMS Testing of Cardiomyocytes
Tenure: Spring-Summer 2009

Holly Butterfield
MSME 2010 
Electrostatic Actuators in Aqueous Media
Tenure: Summer 2007-Spring 2008

Jian Fung
Biophysics Rotation
Tenure: Spring10

Yatian Qu
Research Rotation
Tenure: Fall10-Spring11

Kevin Dalton
Biophysics Rotation
Tenure: Win 2011

Elizabeth Martin
MSME 2012 
Mechanotransduction through ECM
Tenure: Fall 2010-Spring 2012

Mirjam Bächler
Exchange project ETH 
Mechanostimulation and Characterization of Cardiomyocyte Cells
Tenure: Spr 2013

Pierre Ponce
Graduate Research: 
Underwater Electrostatic Actuation and Sensing
Tenure: 2005-2010

Joe Mallon
Graduate Research: 
Piezoresistor Design and Sensing
Tenure: 2006-2011

Ki Wook Jung
Graduate Research: 
Understanding the Sense of Touch - Control Design
Tenure: 2011-2014

Bridget Hill
Graduate Research: 
Micro chemical sensors for multi-functional sensing nodes
Tenure: 2013-2014

Ohiremen Dibua
Graduate Research: 
Ultrafast PID controller for high bandwidth force probes
Tenure: 2013-2014

Joy Franco
Graduate Research: 
Engineering a platform to test the role of RGD mediated ECM-cell mechanical bindings on the contractility of iPS-CMs
Tenure: Win-Spr 2015

Undergraduate, RET, REU, and HS Research Projects

Malcolm Murdock
Undergrad Research
Tenure:  Spring04

Cha Edmonds
Undergrad Research - Labview Data Acquisition
Tenure: Sum'04

Caitlin Quance Donhowe
Undergrad Research 
Characterization of Shear Stress Sensors
Tenure:  Sum'04

Eerik Hantsoo
Undergrad Research 
Conductor modified polymers
Tenure:  Win'04 - Sum'05

Wagahta Semere
Undergrad Research 
transfection of ion channel proteins in CHO cells
Tenure: Spr'04 - Spr'05

Mela Johnson
Labview Data AcquistionSum'04

Ratul NarainUndergrad Research
uPIV Characterization of Shear Stress Sensors
Tenure:  Spr'05 - Aut'05

Jared Brown
Undergrad Research 
Polymer Nanocomposites
Tenure: Spr'05 - Aut'05

Jenna Perez
Undergrad Research
Tenure: Sum'05

Ambert Ho
Undergrad Research 
Signal Conditioning for Shear Stress Sensors
Tenure:  Sum'05

Jeff Li
Undergrad Research
Tenure: 2005-2007

Mariana Meyer
Undergraduate Research 2006-2007 
Characterization of Piezoresistor Noise and Sensitivity
Tenure: Winter'06-Spring'07

Josh Stark
Undergrad Research 
piezoresistor noise and sensitivity
Tenure: Spr'06-Fall'06

Jennifer Walz
City College REU
Cell Patterning 
Tenure:  Sum'06

Jessica Schlichting
Undergrad Research (off campus)
Tenure: Sum'07

Natasha Prats
Stanford Product Design, Class of 2009 
Cardiomyocyte mechanics
Tenure: 2007

Nandita Sriram
Stanford Biomechanical Engineering Class of 2009
Tenure: 2007

Maria Suggs
Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) (SPSU) summer 2007 and 2008
Characterization of Through-Wafer Etching in STS2
AFM of cardiac myocytes
Tenure: Summer'07

Erin Dizon
Undergrad Research
Tenure: Summer'07

Nathan Ng
Undergrad Research
Tenure: Sum'07

Subhanu Samarajiva
Undergrad Rotation : Cardiomyocyte Mechanics
Tenure: 2009-2010

Purnima Ghale
Undergrad Rotation: Noise and thermal modeling of silicon piezoresistors
Tenure: 2008-2009

Indu Premakumar
Undergrad Rotation 
Modeling the heart using electrical circuits
Tenure: Summer 2008-2009

Rudy Joly
REU summer (JHU) 
parylene passivation patterning and electrical models with Pierre Ponce
Tenure: summer 2008

Sanna Ali
REU Summer 09 
AFM Studies of Dissociated Touch Receptor Neurons
Tenure: Summer 2009

Balaji Chandrasekhar
REU Summer 09 
Hydrophilic Properties of Plasma-Treated PDMS
Tenure: Summer 2009

Alex Gonzalez
Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) 
Image Processing and Analysis of Cardiomyocytes: A Matlab Tool for Measuring Sarcomere Length and Calculating Cell Alignment and Orientation.
Tenure: Summer 2009

Chloe Powell
Undergrad Research - Understanding the Sense of Touch
Tenure: Sum'10

Ranjeetha Bharath
Undergrad Research - Understanding the Sense of Touch
Tenure:  Sum'11

Gabriel Guimte
Undergrad Research - Understanding the Sense of Touch
Tenure:  Sum'11

Sanjay Saraf
Undergrad Research - Strain Array Pressure Controller
Tenure:  2010-2012

Emily Sataua
Lab Assistant - Undergrad Research, Stanford University Student
Tenure: Sum'11-Autumn'11

Daniel Hsu
Undergrad Research - Calibration Code
Tenure: Sum'11

Sarah Chang
Undergrad Research - Mechanobiology of CMs
Tenure: Sum'11 & Sum'12

Lian Wong 
From UC Merced BioEUndergrad Research- Integration of a micro post array with a microfludic chamber
Tenure: Sum'12

Rachel Hatano 
From UC Merced BiosciencesUndergrad Research - Cell-Cell Junction's Tension Modulated by Different Substrate Stiffness
Tenure: Sum'12

Fidel Salgado 
From Canada Community CollegeUndergrad Research - Temperature compensation Testing
Tenure: Sum'12

Maxwell Taylor 
HS researchTFM code analysis
Tenure: Sum'12

Samir Hossainy
HS research - Modified Inkjet Printer for Protein patterns
Tenure: Sum'13

Brian Huynh
ME SURI - Worm Tracking Behavior Rig Hardward Design
Tenure: Sum'13

David Ayala-Lindeman
BioX Undergrad research program - Micromolding of Polystyrene Force Sensing Pillars
Tenure: Sum'13

Camilla Sloan
Microsystems ethnography
Tenure: Fall '13

Priyanka Sekhar
Micropatterning of Touch Receptor Neurons from C.elegans on Electron Microscopy Grids
Tenure: Summer '14

Callie Jerman
Analysis of protein transfer during hydrogel patterning for culture of induced pluripotent stem cell cardiomyocytes
Tenure: Summer '14

John Whitworth
Realtime Worm Tracking Package to Output Data from Precisely Applied Force/Displacement Profiles
Tenure: Summer '14

Veronica Sanchez
Visualization of C. elegans cuticle under strain
Tenure: Summer '15

Roberto Bolli
Microscope Position Control and User Interface for Automated Image Acquisition
Tenure: Summer '15

Nicole Impastato

Undergraduate Researcher

Lan-Chi Ho

Undergraduate Researcher

Reagan Kennedy

Developing quantitative analysis methods for epithelial cell migration and cardiac hiPSC contraction.

Chrisangela Martin

Undergraduate Researcher

Amanda Nguyen

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Experience for Teachers

Aaron Keller
Evaluating the sense of touch
Tenure: Sum'04

Laura Robeck
Research Experience for Teachers (RET) 2007 
Characterization of Through-Wafer Etching in STS2
Tenure: Summer'07

Wei Li
RET summer 08 
cell patterning studies with Chelsey Simmons
Tenure: summer 2008

Joann Knecht
RET summer 09 
Poly Acrylic Acid Patterning on PDMS with Chelsey Simmons
Tenure: summer 2009

Michael Patterson
Tenure: Summer'10 and '11