PhD Students

Seth Cordts
Ph.D. Student in Mechanical Engineering, admitted Autumn 2017

Graduate Research and Rotation Projects

Danahe Zeyna Mohammed
Graduate, Mechanical Engineering

Lab Alumni: Former PhD Students

Kristina Lamers
PhD: Components of an Improved Design Process for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Defended June 13, 2008
signatures August'08
Current Affiliation: Akustika (Bosch) Inc.

A. Alvin Barlian
PhD: Microfabricated Piezoresistive Shear Stress Sensors for Underwater Applications
Defended June 12, 2008
signatures December 2008
Current Affiliation: Apple

Vikram Mukundan
PhD: Electrostatic Actuators in Aqueous Ionic Media for Applications in Cell Mechanics
Defended Feb 17, 2009
signatures April 2009
Current Affiliation: FormFactor

Sung-Jin Park
PhD: Development of Piezoresistive Microcantilever Based Force Feedback System for Analysis of Mechanosensation in Caenorhabditis elegans Nematodes
Defended Mar 16, 2009
signatures June 2009
Current Affiliation: Disease Biophysics Lab, Harvard

Nahid Harjee
PhD: Coaxial-Tip Piezoresistive Cantilever Probes for High-Resolution Scanning Gate Microscopy
Defended May 23, 2011
signatures Aug 2011
Current Affiliation: Kateeva, Inc

Joey Doll
PhD: Advances in high bandwidth nanomechanical force sensors with integrated actuation
Defended March 7, 2012
signatures Jul 2012
Current Affiliation: Apple, Inc

Bryan Petzold
The Role of Body Mechanics in Touch Sensation in the Nematode Caenorhabditis Elegans
Defended November 7, 2012
signatures Jan 2013
Current Affiliation: McKinsey & Co.

Rebecca Taylor
Microfabricated Tools for Functional Assessment of Developing Cardiomyocytes
Defended November 8, 2012
signatures Mar 2013Stanford Biochemistry postdoc, Assistant Prof CMU 9/16

Chelsey SimmonsDynamic Cell Culture for Stimulation and Assessment of Cardiovascular Cells 
Defended January 25, 2013
signatures May 2013
Current Affiliation: Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida

Gadryn Higgs
Microsystems for Studying Single Heart Cell Mecahnobiology 
Defended May, 28, 2013
signatures August 2013
Current Affiliation: CAN Mobilities

Joseph Rastegar
Nanomechanical actuation using molecular forces of amino azo benzene dye 
Defended May 14, 2013
signatures March 2014
Current Affiliation: PowerGlide

Joo Yong Sim
Microsystems to Study the Mechanobiology of Cell Adhesion 
Defended October 30, 2014
signatures December 2014
Current Affiliation: South Korea National Lab

Clifton Roozeboom
Multifunctional Integrated Sensors for Wireless Sensor Network Applications 
Defended April 30, 2015 
signatures August 2015
Current Affiliation: Myriad Sensors, Inc. Founder

Ehsan Sadeghipour
A MEMS Actuator and Sensor for the Study of Cell Mechanics and Adhesion 
Defended September 17, 2015 
signatures March 2016
Current Affiliation: Stanford University Post-doc

Eileen Mazzochette
An Integrated and Automated System for Assaying Touch Sensation in Freely Moving C. elegans 
Defended March 21, 2016 
signatures May 2016
Current Affiliation: Haptic Hardware Engineer, Apple Inc.

Lab Alumni: Postdoc

James Norman
Mechanical measurements of primary heart cells in health and disease
joint with Prof. Dan Bernstein in Pediatrics
Jan 2007-Feb 2009
Current Affiliation: Warner Babcock Institute

Keekyoung Kim
Biomechanical Characterization of Cardiomyocytes 
joint with Prof. Dan Bernstein in Pediatrics
Jan 2009- July 2010
Current Affiliation: UBC Okanagan

Moe Badi
ME342 project development
Current Affiliation: BCG

Ginel Hill
Ultrasmall Cantilevers for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
Ginel's Work 
Jan 2009-Dec 2010
Current Affiliation: SITime, Sunnyvale, CA

Sung-Jin Park
Understanding the Sense of Touch 
Sung-Jin's work 
July 2009-Dec 2010
Current Affiliation: Disease Biophysics Group 
Harvard University

Yingning Gao
Chemical Functionalization of Sensors 
Yingning's work 
Aug 2010-Aug 2011
Current Affiliation: CalState Los Angeles

Nicolas Borghi
Mechanics of cell adhesion
Current Affiliation: Institut Jacques Monod 
Paris, France

Cindy Chung
3D Culture of Cells under Strain in Custom Biomaterials
Current Affiliation: Theranos, Inc

Wendy Altman
Microsystems and Methodologies for the Study of Cardiomyocyte Mechanotransduction
Current Affiliation: Self

Jens Moeller
Platform Development to Study the Cellular Mechanics of Leukocyte Transmigration
Current Affiliation: group head, ETH Zurich

Tom Larsen
High Bandwidth Nanomechanical Force Sensors for Studying the Sense of Hearing
Current Affiliation: postdoc, EPFL

Frederic Loizeau
Piezoresistive Micro Probes for Fluorescence-Based Mechanobiology Studies
Current Affiliation: Key Account Manager, Senserion

Mahdokht Masaeli
Microfluidics for Size-based Sorting of Cardiomyocytes
Current Affiliation: Co Founder, DeepCell, Inc.

Master Project Students

Edwin Adhiprakasha
MS Thesis Materials Science, MSMSE'04 
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Consisting of Gold
Nanoparticles in SU-8 Polymer Matrix
Tenure: Aut'03 - Spr'04

Frederic Declercq
EPFL MS Project 
SU-8 optical MEMS blood pressure sensor
Tenure: Aut'04 - Win'05

Alexandre Haemmerli
EPFL MS Project 
Piezoresistive cantilever noise in media
Tenure: Summer-Fall 2008

Philipp Bachtold
ETH Zurich MS Project 
Improved continuous perfusion microfluidic cell culture array
Tenure: Winter-Spring 2009

Jonas Schoendube
ETH Zurich MS Project 
Microfluidic Cell Delivery System
Tenure: 2009-2010

Andrea Cabral
EPFL MS Project 
Fabrication & Characterization of a stretchable chip for the study of cells
Tenure: 2010

In loving memory: Rune Nielsen
DTU MS Project
Tenure: March 2010 - Dec 18, 2010

Matthias Rudt
ETH Zurich MS Project
Cardiomyocyte Cell Mechanics
Tenure: 2012

Olivier Schwab
ETH Zurich MS Project
High-Throughput Multi-Method Analysis of Cardiomyocyte Mechanics for Disease Studies
Tenure:  2014

Florian Bienefelt
EPFL MS Project
Microfabricated confinement system for improving touch assays on C. elegans
Tenure: 2016

Joan Teixidor
EPFL MS Project
Design and optimization of stretchable live cell platform for in vitro gut model
Tenure: 2016

Lynn Lin
National Cheng Kung University MS Project
Design and fabrication of microfluidic inertial cell separation technologies
Tenure: 2016

Lab Alumni: Affiliated for Graduate, Undergraduate, RET, REU, or HS Research Projects
Graduate Research and Rotation Projects

Paritosh Ambekar
Tenure: Win'03-Spring04

Sara Shaughnessy
MS rotation, MSME'04 
silicon MEMS blood pressure sensors
Tenure: Win'04 - Sum'04

Vanessa "B" Chial
MS rotation, MSME'05 
sensors for neonatal mice monitoring
Tenure: Sum'04 - Spr'05

Andrew Davenport
MS Research, MSME'05 
Noise in Piezoresistors
Tenure: Aut'03 - Spr'05

Sara (Yanan) Zhao
MEMS for CHO cell characterization
Tenure: Win'04 - Fall'05

Matt Beasley
MS Research, MSEE'06 -
Characteristics of Parylene Coatings for CMUTs in a Harsh, Aqueous Environment
and Instrumentation for NeoNatal Mice
Tenure: Aut'04 - Spr'06

Jessica Straalsund
MS Research, MSME'06 
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Consisting of Gold Nanoparticles in SU-8
Polymer Matrix
Tenure: Win'05-Spr'06

Amy Lee
ME342 TA
Tenure: Win'05 - Sum'05

Jennifer Blundo
graduate research 
Electromechanical Studies of Differentiation in Cardiac Stem Cells
Tenure: 2005-2008

Heather Chiamori
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Consisting of Gold Nanoparticles in SU-8 Polymer Matrix
Tenure: Sum'05-Win'06

Paul Lim
EE PhD student w/ Prof. Jim Harris 
Noise in Piezoresistors
Tenure: Sum'05 - Sum'06

Asha-Dee Celestine
MS Rotation, MS AeroAstro'07 
modeling TRN mechanics
Tenure: Aut'06

Sujay Ramachandra
MS Rotation, MSME'07 
Tenure: Sum'06

Holly Butterfield
MS Rotation 
electrostatic aqueous transducers
Tenure: summer 2007- spring 2008

Anthony Pettes
MS, ME 2007 
Thermotaxis of Caenorhabditis elegans AFD Thermosensory Neurons
Tenure: Spring'07-Summer'07

Sarah Coulthard
MS Research, MSME'06 
Microfabricated Force Posts for Characterizing C. Elegans
Tenure: Sum'05-Sum'06

Gretchen Chua
MS Rotation, MSME 2007 
Electromechanical conditioning of stem cells
Tenure: Sum'06-Win'07

Jeff Li
Coterm Research, MSME 2007 
Shear sensor calibration and AFM of cells
Tenure: Sum'05-Win'07

Niveditha Arumugam
MS ME 2008 
Electrical Stimulation of Cardiac Stem Cells
Tenure: 2007-2008

Tracy Fung
MS EE 2008 
Piezoresistive Cantilever Chemical Sensors
Tenure: 2007-2008

Yun Seog Lee
MS, ME 2007 
PZT cantilever intergrated with piezoresistor sensor]
Tenure: Fall'06-Summer'07

Shivonne Haniff
Masters Rotation 
MEMS Testing of Cardiomyocytes
Tenure: Spring-Summer 2009

Holly Butterfield
MSME 2010 
Electrostatic Actuators in Aqueous Media
Tenure: Summer 2007-Spring 2008

Jian Fung
Biophysics Rotation
Tenure: Spring10

Yatian Qu
Research Rotation
Tenure: Fall10-Spring11

Kevin Dalton
Biophysics Rotation
Tenure: Win 2011

Elizabeth Martin
MSME 2012 
Mechanotransduction through ECM
Tenure: Fall 2010-Spring 2012

Mirjam Bächler
Exchange project ETH 
Mechanostimulation and Characterization of Cardiomyocyte Cells
Tenure: Spr 2013

Pierre Ponce
Graduate Research: 
Underwater Electrostatic Actuation and Sensing
Tenure: 2005-2010

Joe Mallon
Graduate Research: 
Piezoresistor Design and Sensing
Tenure: 2006-2011

Ki Wook Jung
Graduate Research: 
Understanding the Sense of Touch - Control Design
Tenure: 2011-2014

Bridget Hill
Graduate Research: 
Micro chemical sensors for multi-functional sensing nodes
Tenure: 2013-2014

Ohiremen Dibua
Graduate Research: 
Ultrafast PID controller for high bandwidth force probes
Tenure: 2013-2014

Joy Franco
Graduate Research: 
Engineering a platform to test the role of RGD mediated ECM-cell mechanical bindings on the contractility of iPS-CMs
Tenure: Win-Spr 2015

Undergraduate, RET, REU, and HS Research Projects

Malcolm Murdock
Undergrad Research
Tenure:  Spring04

Cha Edmonds
Undergrad Research - Labview Data Acquisition
Tenure: Sum'04

Caitlin Quance Donhowe
Undergrad Research 
Characterization of Shear Stress Sensors
Tenure:  Sum'04

Eerik Hantsoo
Undergrad Research 
Conductor modified polymers
Tenure:  Win'04 - Sum'05

Wagahta Semere
Undergrad Research 
transfection of ion channel proteins in CHO cells
Tenure: Spr'04 - Spr'05

Mela Johnson
Labview Data AcquistionSum'04

Ratul NarainUndergrad Research
uPIV Characterization of Shear Stress Sensors
Tenure:  Spr'05 - Aut'05

Jared Brown
Undergrad Research 
Polymer Nanocomposites
Tenure: Spr'05 - Aut'05

Jenna Perez
Undergrad Research
Tenure: Sum'05

Ambert Ho
Undergrad Research 
Signal Conditioning for Shear Stress Sensors
Tenure:  Sum'05

Jeff Li
Undergrad Research
Tenure: 2005-2007

Mariana Meyer
Undergraduate Research 2006-2007 
Characterization of Piezoresistor Noise and Sensitivity
Tenure: Winter'06-Spring'07

Josh Stark
Undergrad Research 
piezoresistor noise and sensitivity
Tenure: Spr'06-Fall'06

Jennifer Walz
City College REU
Cell Patterning 
Tenure:  Sum'06

Jessica Schlichting
Undergrad Research (off campus)
Tenure: Sum'07

Natasha Prats
Stanford Product Design, Class of 2009 
Cardiomyocyte mechanics
Tenure: 2007

Nandita Sriram
Stanford Biomechanical Engineering Class of 2009
Tenure: 2007

Maria Suggs
Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) (SPSU) summer 2007 and 2008
Characterization of Through-Wafer Etching in STS2
AFM of cardiac myocytes
Tenure: Summer'07

Erin Dizon
Undergrad Research
Tenure: Summer'07

Nathan Ng
Undergrad Research
Tenure: Sum'07

Subhanu Samarajiva
Undergrad Rotation : Cardiomyocyte Mechanics
Tenure: 2009-2010

Purnima Ghale
Undergrad Rotation: Noise and thermal modeling of silicon piezoresistors
Tenure: 2008-2009

Indu Premakumar
Undergrad Rotation 
Modeling the heart using electrical circuits
Tenure: Summer 2008-2009

Rudy Joly
REU summer (JHU) 
parylene passivation patterning and electrical models with Pierre Ponce
Tenure: summer 2008

Sanna Ali
REU Summer 09 
AFM Studies of Dissociated Touch Receptor Neurons
Tenure: Summer 2009

Balaji Chandrasekhar
REU Summer 09 
Hydrophilic Properties of Plasma-Treated PDMS
Tenure: Summer 2009

Alex Gonzalez
Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) 
Image Processing and Analysis of Cardiomyocytes: A Matlab Tool for Measuring Sarcomere Length and Calculating Cell Alignment and Orientation.
Tenure: Summer 2009

Chloe Powell
Undergrad Research - Understanding the Sense of Touch
Tenure: Sum'10

Ranjeetha Bharath
Undergrad Research - Understanding the Sense of Touch
Tenure:  Sum'11

Gabriel Guimte
Undergrad Research - Understanding the Sense of Touch
Tenure:  Sum'11

Sanjay Saraf
Undergrad Research - Strain Array Pressure Controller
Tenure:  2010-2012

Emily Sataua
Lab Assistant - Undergrad Research, Stanford University Student
Tenure: Sum'11-Autumn'11

Daniel Hsu
Undergrad Research - Calibration Code
Tenure: Sum'11

Sarah Chang
Undergrad Research - Mechanobiology of CMs
Tenure: Sum'11 & Sum'12

Lian Wong 
From UC Merced BioEUndergrad Research- Integration of a micro post array with a microfludic chamber
Tenure: Sum'12

Rachel Hatano 
From UC Merced BiosciencesUndergrad Research - Cell-Cell Junction's Tension Modulated by Different Substrate Stiffness
Tenure: Sum'12

Fidel Salgado 
From Canada Community CollegeUndergrad Research - Temperature compensation Testing
Tenure: Sum'12

Maxwell Taylor 
HS researchTFM code analysis
Tenure: Sum'12

Samir Hossainy
HS research - Modified Inkjet Printer for Protein patterns
Tenure: Sum'13

Brian Huynh
ME SURI - Worm Tracking Behavior Rig Hardward Design
Tenure: Sum'13

David Ayala-Lindeman
BioX Undergrad research program - Micromolding of Polystyrene Force Sensing Pillars
Tenure: Sum'13

Camilla Sloan
Microsystems ethnography
Tenure: Fall '13

Priyanka Sekhar
Micropatterning of Touch Receptor Neurons from C.elegans on Electron Microscopy Grids
Tenure: Summer '14

Callie Jerman
Analysis of protein transfer during hydrogel patterning for culture of induced pluripotent stem cell cardiomyocytes
Tenure: Summer '14

John Whitworth
Realtime Worm Tracking Package to Output Data from Precisely Applied Force/Displacement Profiles
Tenure: Summer '14

Veronica Sanchez
Visualization of C. elegans cuticle under strain
Tenure: Summer '15

Roberto Bolli
Microscope Position Control and User Interface for Automated Image Acquisition
Tenure: Summer '15

Research Experience for Teachers

Aaron Keller
Evaluating the sense of touch
Tenure: Sum'04

Laura Robeck
Research Experience for Teachers (RET) 2007 
Characterization of Through-Wafer Etching in STS2
Tenure: Summer'07

Wei Li
RET summer 08 
cell patterning studies with Chelsey Simmons
Tenure: summer 2008

Joann Knecht
RET summer 09 
Poly Acrylic Acid Patterning on PDMS with Chelsey Simmons
Tenure: summer 2009

Michael Patterson
Tenure: Summer'10 and '11